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The R.S.C. team is dedicated to exceeding our customer expectations by delivering quality products the first time, every time. To be the supplier of choice, we have to be the employer of choice. It is our mission that leads us to achieve  heightened levels of performance in process, pricing  accuracy and customer service

We keep our doors open and maintain communication between all levels of the team, without having to get a third party involved. We are all working together to achieve our goals and grow, providing Toronto with more jobs, better benefits and superior working conditions. Anyone can buy equipment to start a business, but it’s the strength of your team that makes the difference. We own that advantage at RSC, with a staff that has what it takes to deliver excellent products and exceed your expectations. Not just today, but every day.





We operate 21 injection molding machines ranging from 40 to 750 tons of clamping force. This variety of equipment allows us to produce parts of nearly any dimension in an appropriately sized machine, ensuring maximum efficiency. We utilize servo-driven machines with state-of-the-art controllers to ensure all process parameters stay within specifications at all times.




RSC is excited to be breaking new ground integrating collaborative robotics into our production systems. Collaborative robots are robots that are designed to work with human operators, taking advantage of both the robots’ ability to execute repetitive jobs and the human operators’ flexibility. These robots can be reprogrammed in a matter of minutes, allowing us to respond quickly to changing customer requirements. They are designed from the ground up to be safe and do not require guarding or interlocks, meaning that they can be easily re-positioned throughout the facility to assist with jobs wherever they are needed most.



At RSC we pride ourselves on first-class customer service and flawless execution, maintaining world class quality metrics while adding new capabilities and driving continuous improvement. Our shop floor data collection is second to none: We use a custom-built system to manage all aspects of our production operations.





Contact Information

Jazz Pahal


Phone: (905) 790-2655 ext. 222

Cell: (416) 455-1649

Kash Pahal


Phone: (905) 793-8400 ext. 254

Cell: (416) 455-1686

Abbas Azhar (Q.A. Manager)


Phone: (905) 790-2655 ext. 27

Danna Dai (Quality Engineer)


Phone: (905) 790-2655 ext. 29

Head Office

2023 Williams Parkway East, Unit 12,

Brampton, ON, L6S 5N1

Tel: (905) 790-2655 ext. 222

Fax: (906) 790-3886

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